‘Nashville’ sneak peek: Watch Juliette sing Patsy Cline’s ‘Crazy’


Watch ‘Nashville’ sneak peek 2 : Juliette Barnes channels Patsy Cline and sing ‘Crazy’. If it was up to us the role would have been her!

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Juliette may have a chance to turn her career around this season on Nashville.

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Nashville First Look: Laura Benanti’s Sadie Cozies Up to [Spoiler]


With all the potential love interest spoilers that makes us feel (very) uncomfortable it’s great to get some good spoilers. Spoilers that relate to the heart of Nashville – music, artists and strong women. Also, if there’s anyone that need a female friend there it’s Rayna! And it’s hard to think about anyone more fitting than Laura Benanti.

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A new songbird has landed in Nashville — and here’s your exclusive first look at Tony winner Laura Benanti as the ABC drama’s Sadie Stone. But you’ll never guess who’s grabbed her attention…

Yes, of all the men in Music City, sketchy record exec Jeff Fordham is one of the first to catch Ms. Stone’s eye. Is their interaction professional? Flirty? Is she showing him the iMace app on her phone? We’ll find out when Benanti (Go On) kicks off a multi-ep arc in the Oct. 1 episode.

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Sadie is “somebody that ends up on Rayna’s radar,” showrunner Dee Johnson tells TVLine. “They connect as women in this business who don’t have, say, the baggage that Rayna has with Juliette… It’ll be an interesting friendship that we see evolve.”

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Mykelti Williamson Joins Nashville Season 3 — And Yes, He’s Singing

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to see a softer — and more soulful — side of Mykelti Williamson.

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Known for playing tough guys on shows like Justified and 24, Williamson will appear on four episodes of ABC’s Nashville as a “brilliant” artist named Terry, our sister site Deadline reports. But there’s a twist: Terry apparently experienced a personal tragedy some time ago, which has left him to wander the streets of Nashville; now, it’s redemption time.

Curious about Williamson’s chops? Check out the “I Can Dream About You” music video below, for which Williamson — and the rest of the Sorels, a fictional doo-wop group from the 1984 movie Streets of Fire — provided the background vocals:

Your thoughts on Williamson’s casting? Drop ‘em in the comments section below.

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Thoughts about ‘Nashville’ finale part 2: “Thank you for letting me live”

During the course of one Nashville episode, Rayna Jaymes managed to launch a new album, kick Jeff Fordham’s ass, hold Juliette’s hair above the toilet, perform at LP field and get two marriage proposals.

Well played Rayna, well played.

But sometimes less is more and it just so happens that Rayna’s defining moment during that episode wasn’t any of these big events, but a different, and a very small one.

Rayna’s defining moment was a short scene with her sitting alone in front of a mirror in her dressing room, just before going up on stage, praying.

It was a subtle, intimate moment and also a very rare one since we hardly get to watch Rayna in this type of intimate situations.

It’s also a moment that echoes to the first time we met Rayna in Nashville’s Pilot episode and in a way comes full circle with it.

We are introduced to Rayna during the opening scene of The pilot. In that scene we see her running after Maddie and Daphne through the corridors of her house while wearing a bathrobe and hair rollers.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary domestic scene; just a regular evening in the life of a family. But soon we find out there’s more to it than meets the eye. That’s because the everyday woman in the bathrobe is also a legendary country singer who is on her way to perform at the Grand Ole Opry.

Rayna’s transformation from ‘ordinary’ to ‘superstar’ is swift. One minute she’s a regular woman standing at home in front of a mirror and the next she’s at the Ryman, owning the stage and singing her heart out about inner strength and independence.

The same way Clark Kent takes off his glasses and puts on his special suit to become Superman, Rayna lets her hair down and adds rhinestones in order to transform herself into the queen of country music.

Only that it seems that for Rayna there’s nothing wondrous about it. It appears that for her it’s just a job, a routine.
The understanding that this is something extraordinary is reserved to us, the viewers, at that point.

Back to the season 2 finale, and yet again we meet Rayna as she’s preparing to go on-stage.

Once again it’s just her in front of a mirror.

It’s almost the same…almost.

This time Rayna takes her time.

This time going on stage isn’t just part of a routine but also a personal triumph.

This time that ‘job’ of hers is a prize, a gift, a wonder.

Therefore it’s only fitting she’ll use this moment to count her blessings. After all, as she discovered during her journey from the Pilot episode until this moment – NOTHING can be taken for granted in life including (and especially) life itself.

And so we meet a very grateful and humble Rayna. She is thankful for her children, her man and her strength.

It’s a sweet moment that becomes even sweeter with the rotation of the camera that shows us Rayna through the pink flowers on her dressing table.

It’s an image that tells a story of adversity and triumph and it fits perfectly to the narrative she’s trying to project as a public figure. This image could easily be copy-pasted into an Oprah special featuring Rayna telling “all” about the year she’s had.

But the rotation of the camera quickly gives a somewhat dark twist to this intimate moment and gives us a moving (and quite needed) insight into Rayna’s inner world.

As the camera moves away from Rayna with her eyes closed to the flowers, we can still hear her but can on see her face. She’s almost hidden behind the flowers and consequently, behind her image.

When the camera finds her again, it’s from a different angle.

From the new angle the flowers are no longer main feature. That status is now reserved to Rayna herself, that we now notice, is wearing black. When the camera is fixated on her, she opens her eyes, slightly lower her head and look straight ahead at her reflection.

“Thank you for letting me live”, she says in a voice that seems to have come from a very deep and dark place in her soul.

No more filters, distractions or false images.

Just Rayna, the woman, sharing her truth.

Just Rayna, prioritizing and by that subsequently admitting even she can’t have it all.

Then we understand that this season, for Rayna, was about one thing, and one thing only – survival.

She got her life back and it’s one hell of a gift.

Now, it’s no longer only us, the viewers that know how extraordinary her life are, she knows it as well, and she’s grateful.

Cut to the next scene, again just like in the pilot, and Rayna, the woman, magically transforms into RAYNA JAYMES.

She’s walking on to the stage accompanies by the cheering crowd. Everyone she cherishes is there and the stage is all hers.

She’s radiant.

While watching her smile from ear to ear it’s hard not to think about the fact that it’s the first time this season we have seen Rayna happy, truly happy.

It’s not that she didn’t have her share of good moments but this is different, because here, for the first time in a very long time, she appears to also be free and in control, just like at the Ryman when she sang ‘Already Gone’ in the pilot.

That leads to our understanding that for Rayna, the foundation for living is being in control of her career and her ability to sing and perform.

It’s not even something she does, it’s who she is and it’s quite beautiful to watch.

Watching her on stage in her element creates the illusion that all she did in the past 2 season is fight hard to go back to the beginning, the place where she started in the pilot.

After all, she once again gained control over her career, has a man that supports her career, and does what she was born to do. Hey, she even had a moment with Deacon when she picked up the guitar for Maddie that can take them back to ‘soul-mates-friends-secretly-in-love-it’s-complicated-having-eyes-sex’ status that they mastered so well over the years.

But is it really the same?

No, not really because Rayna is not the same.

The most significant difference between then and now, the one we notice through looking at the way she’s looking at herself in the mirror, is that now she appreciates life more and is more grateful for everything she has.

The importance of her appreciation of everything life has to offer is that now she has much more to lose and that in order to keep what she has, she must make a commitment to do so and forsake everything that doesn’t support and nourish this commitment.

And commitments comes with a price.

Trying to hold the rope at two ends for too long, as Rayna discovered the hard way, is a receipt for disaster. It’s really a choice only when you’re willing to give something up and consequently pay a price for it.

We simply can’t have it all and Rayna is now painfully aware of it.

The question in front of her is what should she commit to?

In Nashville finale Rayna’s options are presented by 2 different men that represent 2 possible paths in life.

If we look at what each of them has to offer, then her dilemma now is not whether to marry Luke or Deacon, but a much broader one.

Her dilemma is whether now that she got a second chance to live and got all her ducks in a row, so to speak, she should step on the gas and conquer new frontiers or maybe slow down and reconnect to her roots.

Her dilemma is the dilemma between the performer, businesswoman Rayna that now has the opportunity to break the glass ceiling and become a force to be recognized in the Country music world, and between the Rayna the artist and family woman that has the chance of exploring the depths of her soul (without alcohol to tarnish it) and have a real chance for ‘a Life that’s good’.

Rayna needs to pick her vision of herself and pay a heavy price for the vision she doesn’t pick.

What will she pick? Will it ultimately be the right choice for her? Will it hold? How will her decision effect the people around her? And how heavy will be the price she’ll have to pay for her decision?

Soon we will know.



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Thoughts on ‘Nashville’ finale part 1: It Ain’t Yours To Throw Away

Nashville retursn for season 3 on September 24 and now it’s the perfect time to start thinking about some of the things we learned at the end of last season. We start their journey with thoughts about Scarlett, Gunnar and one of the most beautiful ( and almost poetic) scenes in the finale- them harmonizing at the Bluebird cafe.

The final episode of Nashville season 2 was packed with drama and emotional highs and lows.

Interestingly enough, most of it skipped the one character that spent most of the season on the verge of a nervous breakdown and not so long ago even spent time in the psych ward – Scarlett O’Connor.

The Scarlett we meet in the finale is miles away from pills, hospital gowns, passive-aggressive behavior and on-stage breakdowns. She’s calm, level headed, gentle, and supportive.

It’s the ‘old Scarlett’, the one we missed and, to be honest, almost forgot existed. But it’s also a ‘new’ Scarlett, a less naive one that just learned some harsh life lessons about the consequences of attempting to live a life that doesn’t suit her just to please others.

A lot of that change in her state of mind can be attributed to her decision to go back to School and leave Nashville, as well as the music business, behind.

Scarlett made that decision as part of her attempt to “reboot” her life. She tried to trace back her steps and find the last point in her life where she was happy and made decisions solely for herself.

When we see her in the final episode it’s already after that decision has been made and therefore she spent a large portion of the hour in packing and saying goodbye .

The last person on her list was Gunnar Scott her ex-boyfriend/ ex-musical partner and so just between Juliette’s heartbreaking confession and Deacon’s heartfelt (epic) proposal, Scarlett walked into the Bluebird Cafe, maybe for the last time.

Unlike their recent encounters, this was a friendly one. Gunnar was attentive and Scarlett came in peace. She could even offer comforting words to Gunnar to ease his guilty conscience:

“You never made me do anything, you just believed in me…Even loved me for a little while. I loved you too.”

It was truthful, straightforward, kind and concise.

It was Scarlett at her best.

Gunnar’s reply was the song; a chilling ballade about the struggles of artists and their complicated relationship with their art. In real life it was written by Pam Tillis but in the Nashville universe it was written by Gunnar and was inspired by Scarlett’s breakdown:


“That same road that brought you here

Will sure as hell take you home

The life you left behind will have you back

You’re tired of paying dues in worn out shoes

and Broadway blues

And any fool will tell you

the damn ol’ deck is stacked

What if you’re just a vessel
and God gave you something special

It ain’t yours to throw away

Every time you open up your mouth

Diamonds come rolling out…”


The haunting lyrics of the song touched Scarlett’s heart and so she gradually joined the singing.

During the second verse she even sang some lines that describe Gunnar’s journey to find recognition as an artist and a performer:

“… You drew the last slot

you thought it was your shot

but now it’s just one more chance blown“

It was an beautiful moment that also echoed to the pilot episode and to Gunnar and Scarlett’s first performance together.

Once again it was night, once again it was the Bluebird café and once again their voices blended together in perfect harmony.

Also, once again it was magical.

But it was a different kind of magic because a lot have happened since then.

That special moment at the Bluebird in an open mic night caught Scarlett, Gunnar and anyone who watched it by surprise and launched their journeys.

The difference in the ‘magic’ between the two scenes is that in the pilot the magic came out of a sense of discovery and in the season 2 finale it came out of love.

When Scarlett and Gunnar sang ‘If I didn’t know better’ it was pretty clear that what we are witnessing is something special.

It was the song, the setting, their voices, the chemistry and one other thing – the sense of discovery, we the viewers felt while watching and listening to the music that lured us in.

At that moment we were filled with a sense of discovery. We discovered Scarlett, Gunnar and Nashville.

Fast forward to two years later and to Gunnar and Scarlett harmonizing again after a long time apart and it’s still extraordinary but we also already know them and their journey. So when they sing we don’t just admire the music, but we’re also emotionally connected and so are they.

Music lured them both in during that performance at the Bluebird in an open mic night and launched their journeys.

For both of them it wasn’t a smooth sail.

For Scarlett music was a way for her to immerse herself in something bigger than her that was also just hers. It was her sanctuary.

For her, sharing that place with others, in the name of owning her talent made her lose herself until all that was left of her was an empty vessel.

It was particularly evident after her breakdown when all the core characters reacted and each reaction revealed that their concept of Scarlett was a projection of themselves but that without that projection there is no Scarlett.

Meaning, we realized that Scarlett reduced herself, in an attempt to please other and not break under pressure, to a place where we only knew her through the eyes of others. We didn’t know anymore what she really wanted and why…because she didn’t know it herself.

In Gunnars case it was his struggle to be seen as what he perceives of himself, a performer, but all he got in return was a respect for his songwriting skills that in many ways he felt like he owed to Scarlett that “pulled the good music” out of him.

Both places are frustrating and difficult – Scarlett feeling like an empty vessel and Gunnar, invisible.

But their journeys weren’t in vain because they thought them some valuable lessons.

At some point during this season, Gunnar said to Scarlett (referring to their meeting with Kelly Clarkson) that all he felt with her was the music. Scarlett seized to speak to him after that.

That’s because for her THAT music was her savior, and for Gunnar it took a little longer to realize how hard it is to get JUST music across. The music is so many things and it bigger than them and it owns them in a way.

So when they met at the end of their part of the journey it was like two old war comrades exchanging war wounds and acknowledging that in the heart of everything there is an undeniable truth that ALL they have is the music, but it’s everything, because it’s not who they are or what they do but it’s a gift.

That moment where they sang ‘it ain’t yours to throw away’ was a moment of surrendering to music and creation in its purest form.

At that moment, it was no longer an experiment or a game like in the pilot episode, it was a declaration of love for the thing that brought them together and launched them to their journeys and almost destroyed them. It was an ode to muse and music.

This moment was music.

And all they and we, the viewers, could do, is surrender….and what a beautiful surrender it was.

So when Gunnar said to Scarlett he doesn’t think she should leave, it was him surrendering to music.

But is music just music? No, as they know now, it’s also love and friendship, and struggle and beauty and freedom….its life. So what Gunnar said was: Don’t give up on life in its fullest and don’t leave mine because I want to live to the fullest as well.

It was him acknowledging the rarity of their musical bond and the importance of it in his life. Scarlett emotional response imply that she feels the same.

The question is of course how they’ll choose to react to this discovery. Whatever they’ll choose, once they surrendered and accepted the gift, they can’t run for long.

It became their destiny and that’s something that is ain’t theirs to throw away.