How can you help promote Nashville season 3 ?

Season 3 of NASHVILLE is rapidly approaching , yet there has not been much promotion of the show on ABC’s part even though NASHVILLE is about to make TV history with 3 LIVE musical performances during the episode.
We believe our beloved show deserves much more attention and need your help to tell ABC that we want to see more promotion for NASHVILLE!

There are two ways that you can help – You can do both for even more of an impact!



Send your email to:

Candice Ashton –

Patrick Preblick –

Paul Lee –

Please note that all emails will be filtered and monitored.


Direct your tweets to the following accounts:







Template Tweets:

Please increase the promotion for NASHVILLE

Please increase your promotion for NASHVILLE via commercials

Template Email (You can copy and paste or use as a guideline):

Dear [Candice/Patrick/Paul],

I am writing to you in regards to the primetime drama NASHVILLE.

I am a [your age] year old [your gender] who lives in [city, state/country]. In addition to watching NASHVILLE live, I watch the show back via DVR. I also purchase the singles and albums of music from the show which are released on iTunes.

My reason for writing is to express my interest in seeing the show NASHVILLE advertized more. The show has a strong fan base which could be grown by strategic promotion, especially via commercial spots.

I hope that the promotional department at ABC will strongly consider more promotion for NASHVILLE.

Respectfully Yours,

[Your name]

[Your address]

You can tweet and email as many times as you’re able – the more the better! Don’t forget to spread the word to your friends, family, and anyone else who can get their voice out there!

Join Nashville Summer Binge Watch: It Only Gets Better

Nashville super fans are awesome. They’re invested in the show, watch it live as much as they can (maybe even live tweet, make fan videos or write fan fictions), root for the cast and crew, debate over characters and storylines, listen to the soundtracks on repeat and look at the music industry through brand new eyes. They show special interest in the city itself (maybe even visit it) admire the talent of the cast and go watch them perform live whenever they can and maybe even make friends with other fans from all around the globe.

Super fans protests against misguided people that consider cancelling their show (NEVER!!!), becomes Nielsen ratings experts and most importantly use the summer to introduce the show to new people by encouraging them to binge watch it on Hulu so that more people will be part of the Nashville experience.

Super fans know Nashville IS important: The city, the beautiful music that tells a story, complex characters, the spotlight on songwriters and musicians in general, the epic love stories (by the way #TeamDeacon), the variety of rich full realized female characters, the depth, the humanity and intelligence, the humor and the love and passion that all the people involved in this huge production share for this special ‘one of a kind’ thing called Nashville that comes across IN EVERY SINGLE SHOT and transforms it to the show with the biggest heart on TV….ALL of it (and more) makes Nashville for more than “Just” another TV show.

thing is once you go Nashville you never go back. Meaning, once you’ve become a Nashville fan, summer hiatus can become quite difficult. That’s because a sad well known fact is that fans are never on hiatus. So while the productions of our beloved Nashville go on a (well deserved) vacation to gather their strength before diving back into the madness and ruin our mental stability for another year (full 22 episodes. Hooray!!) , the loyal fans are not going anywhere. There’s no vacation in the world that can take away entirely our pining for everything Nashville, even if we have a great time (Just for the record: despite popular belief we do have lives). All it takes is one tiny piece of information, one tweet from the writers’ room, to derail us.

So what’s our “coping mechanism”?

Well, shooting at empty bottles or sleeping with Luke Wheeler is probably not it, but acceptance and intensive re-watch is.

First, we accept it as a necessary evil; the kind that gives us a well needed perspective on our…hmmm…Addiction…and helps us NOT cross that thin line that separates a passionate super-fan from a crazy creepy one.

Second, we rewatch. We go back to old episodes (best to share it with new fans), get reminded of great moments, forgotten characters and storylines, enjoy all the things we enjoyed the first time and notice all the things we might have missed before.

Since the ones writing these lines know and shares your pain, we offer our support with weekly rewatch of pivotal Nashville episodes. Some of you already know about it and join us every Wednesday during Nashville’s regular timeslot. For the rest, this is an open invitation:

We welcome you with open arms to follow us on twitter, join the live tweet, and share your thoughts (and pain) so that we will get through this summer together without turning into Deacon “On the road”. Instead, use us as your personal support group. It’s the responsible thing to do…and it’s also so much more fun this way.

So here’s the list of episode we plan to watch until September:

June 25 – Episode 1X14 “Dear Brother”

July 9 – Episode 1X18 “Take These Chains from My Heart”

July 16 – Episode 1X19 “Why Don’t You Love Me”

July 23 – Episode 2X21 “I’ll Never Get out of This World alive” (season 1 finale)

July 30 – Episode 2X01 ” I Fall to Pieces”

July 31 – Episode 2X02 “Never No More”

August 6 – Episode 2X04 “You’re No Angel Yourself”

August 13 – Episode 2X07 “She’s Got You”

August 20 – Episode 2×12 “Just For What I Am”

August 27 – Episode 2X13 “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right”

September 3 – Episode 2X19 “Crazy”

September 10 – Episode 2X20 “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad”

September 17 – Episode 2 X22 “On the Other Hand” (season 2 epic season finale)


How you can help Nashville ABC be renewed for a 3rd season:

At this time no decision has been made as to whether NASHVILLE will be renewed or canceled. We want to show ABC how much the fans love the show and want it to be renewed for a 3rd season, so we need to take action, and we need your help! 
We’re organising a campaign to contact Paul Lee, ABC Entertainment President, who will be making the scheduling decisions for the Fall 2014 season, to tell him we want a 3rd season of NASHVILLE. 
There are 3 ways you can help, and you can do all 3 for maximum impact:
Mail is the most effective means of communication for our purpose. Letters – typed or handwritten, with signature – or postcards should be sent to:
Mr. Paul Lee
ABC Entertainment Group 
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4588
Send your email to: 
Please note that all emails will be filtered and monitored. 
Phone Calls
Contact the ABC Burbank office at 1-818-560-1000 and ask for Paul Lee’s voicemail to leave him a brief (no more than 30 seconds) recorded message. 
Tips for your communication to Paul Lee and ABC
DO mention that you want NASHVILLE to be renewed for a 3rd season and why 
DO include your demographic information (age, gender, living location) so they see NASHVILLE’s fanbase 
DO keep your messages respectful and polite, as well as brief and to the point
DO mention if you watch the show by any legal means other than live, such as: DVR,, Hulu, iTunes
DO NOT threaten to boycott ABC as that has no impact on NASHVILLE’s renewal status 
DO NOT complain about any NASHVILLE characters, storylines, etc 
DO NOT bring up any negatives about the show, such as ratings 
DO NOT complain about or mention any other shows in your communication 
Template Letter/Email Text (you can copy and paste or use as a guideline)
Dear Mr. Lee, 
I am writing to you in regards to the primetime drama NASHVILLE. 
I am a (your age) year old (your gender) who lives in (city, state/country). In addition to watching NASHVILLE live, I watch the show back via DVR. I also purchase the singles and albums of music from the show which are released on iTunes. 
My reason for writing is to express my interest in the show NASHVILLE being renewed for additional seasons. This show provides a look into the world of country artists and the city through wonderful acting, writing, and importantly through music. 
I hope that you, along with everyone else at ABC, will strongly consider renewing NASHVILLE for its third season during the 2014-2015 year. 
Thank you for your time. 
Respectfully yours, 
(your name) 
(your address) 
Template Voicemail
This message is for Paul Lee. My name is (your name). I am (your age) years old and live in (city, state/country). I am calling to express my interest in the show NASHVILLE being renewed for additional seasons. I watch this show live, as well as purchase the singles and albums on iTunes. I greatly enjoy the acting and singing on the show and hope to see more next year! Thank you.


You can write/email/call as many times as you’re able – it all helps. Don’t forget to spread the word to your friends, family and anyone else who can help!  

Good luck Nashville fans,- let’s get season 3!!!