How you can help Nashville ABC be renewed for a 3rd season:

At this time no decision has been made as to whether NASHVILLE will be renewed or canceled. We want to show ABC how much the fans love the show and want it to be renewed for a 3rd season, so we need to take action, and we need your help! 
We’re organising a campaign to contact Paul Lee, ABC Entertainment President, who will be making the scheduling decisions for the Fall 2014 season, to tell him we want a 3rd season of NASHVILLE. 
There are 3 ways you can help, and you can do all 3 for maximum impact:
Mail is the most effective means of communication for our purpose. Letters – typed or handwritten, with signature – or postcards should be sent to:
Mr. Paul Lee
ABC Entertainment Group 
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4588
Send your email to: 
Please note that all emails will be filtered and monitored. 
Phone Calls
Contact the ABC Burbank office at 1-818-560-1000 and ask for Paul Lee’s voicemail to leave him a brief (no more than 30 seconds) recorded message. 
Tips for your communication to Paul Lee and ABC
DO mention that you want NASHVILLE to be renewed for a 3rd season and why 
DO include your demographic information (age, gender, living location) so they see NASHVILLE’s fanbase 
DO keep your messages respectful and polite, as well as brief and to the point
DO mention if you watch the show by any legal means other than live, such as: DVR,, Hulu, iTunes
DO NOT threaten to boycott ABC as that has no impact on NASHVILLE’s renewal status 
DO NOT complain about any NASHVILLE characters, storylines, etc 
DO NOT bring up any negatives about the show, such as ratings 
DO NOT complain about or mention any other shows in your communication 
Template Letter/Email Text (you can copy and paste or use as a guideline)
Dear Mr. Lee, 
I am writing to you in regards to the primetime drama NASHVILLE. 
I am a (your age) year old (your gender) who lives in (city, state/country). In addition to watching NASHVILLE live, I watch the show back via DVR. I also purchase the singles and albums of music from the show which are released on iTunes. 
My reason for writing is to express my interest in the show NASHVILLE being renewed for additional seasons. This show provides a look into the world of country artists and the city through wonderful acting, writing, and importantly through music. 
I hope that you, along with everyone else at ABC, will strongly consider renewing NASHVILLE for its third season during the 2014-2015 year. 
Thank you for your time. 
Respectfully yours, 
(your name) 
(your address) 
Template Voicemail
This message is for Paul Lee. My name is (your name). I am (your age) years old and live in (city, state/country). I am calling to express my interest in the show NASHVILLE being renewed for additional seasons. I watch this show live, as well as purchase the singles and albums on iTunes. I greatly enjoy the acting and singing on the show and hope to see more next year! Thank you.


You can write/email/call as many times as you’re able – it all helps. Don’t forget to spread the word to your friends, family and anyone else who can help!  

Good luck Nashville fans,- let’s get season 3!!!  


40 thoughts on “How you can help Nashville ABC be renewed for a 3rd season:

  1. Terry says:

    Not a lowd to see the nahville show on the enternet in Canada . Do to some law I the U S A . Becas I do not live in the U S A .

  2. Judy Champion says:

    OH PLEASE keep it on!! It is a wonderful show and has a great cast!!! I live way up in northeast Washington state, and all my friends love it too!! :)

  3. Paula Smith says:

    Nashville is definitely one of the best shows on tv. Great cast, great story lines and wonderful, talented artists. Please renew this show!! I love it!!!

  4. Pat Davis says:

    Please keep Nashville on the air. This show has interest andsupport from teenagers to senior citizens. A great shows with fabulous real life story lines

  5. Please cancel this show its great and full of music. The struggles the entertainers go through to become a star and it family story lines are so real .I’ve been to Nashville I love seeing different spits that I have been to. So please don’t kill the show it would be a great disappointment. Thank You

  6. bebereader says:

    It’s such an under-rated show. I don’t know why it doesn’t get more attention. This show should last for ages, just like other nighttime soaps from years ago…Dynasty, Knot’s Landing, etc.

  7. Emily Bruce says:

    I sent Paul an email this morning, thinking about leaving a voicemail later too. I really hope ABC isn’t thinking about canceling this show.

  8. Stacy says:

    emailed and shared on FB. I love this show and such a talented cast! It really appeals to my entire family. (And we DON’T have TV or cable, so we select which shows to watch on Hulu. This show is never missed)

  9. Betty says:

    Please renew Nashville for Season 3. Will Chase brings so much pizazz and fun to the show. His singing is enthusiastic and great! Thanks

  10. c. pendragon says:

    I really enjoy the stories and love the music of “Nashville” I hope It will come back for more seasons!! I also enjoyed the concert show.It was too bad that Connie Britten wasn’t available to do it..

  11. Rhett says:

    Please continue to fight to keep NASHVILLE on air! I’m a 14 year old teenager from Indiana and I have gotten so many people at my school to watch the show it’s so good and the music is awesome NASHVILLE HAS A GOOD FAN BASE AND WE WILL CONTINUE FIGHTING LETS GO NASHVILLE SEASON THREE!!!

  12. mickymybookhabit says:

    Please, for the love of all things living, renew Nashville for a 3rd season! This show is amazing so please renew it!

  13. Maritza says:

    We watched episode 22 tonight in South Africa. My family loves Nashville! We all have a little country song in us. Please keep the show going for many more seasons! My email will be sent! Love from RSA xxx

  14. Jo Marsh says:

    Nashville is incredibly popular in many countries. Many reasons for this, but great storylines and acting talent; wonderful new songs in each episode; live shows… what more can anyone ask of one show? I live in the UK where it isn’t even shown, and I know of a number of others here who do what I do and download the show.

    Keep the show going ABC. You really are onto a winner here!

    • Shira says:

      It’s very true! Nashville IS very popoular outside the US. Inside the US, the show has a very loyal fanbase but it’s, as of now, one of the most underrated shows on TV. We truly hope it will change and Nashville will get the attention it deserves.

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